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My Irish Setters

Bracken (1st)

 I bought my first Irish Setter as a pet in 1982 he was out of Gwedore Ambassador and Museli Redsox.  Bracken was a lovely dog very obedient and faithful, he was a star at the local obedience class which surprised many who thought Irish Setters untrainable.  Bracken did very well at exemption and local agricultural shows,  we attended ring-craft classes at Johnston, where Gordon Harran was the instructor.  It was through Bracken that I gained my interest in showing.   

Shannon (1st)

When Bracken was about 3 we bought our second Irish, Shannon.  Unfortunately he died as a result of complications following an operation for Gastric Torsion (bloat).  He was only 22 months.

Bracken (2nd) (Brinara Sonara)

Our third Irish, also named Bracken, turned out to be very similar in nature and had many of the traits of our first Bracken.  Bracken did very well in the show ring when he was young, but was found to be suffering from an under-active thyroid gland.  When his medication dose stabilized the condition he led a normal life, albeit with a dull and slightly curly coat.  His weight was a constant problem, I don't know if it was because of the thyroid trouble or not, but he certainly liked his food.  He was a very likeable dog who loved children, he was in his element at the school gates when taking or collecting Mhairi from school, with all the small kids fussing over him.  


Shannon (2nd) (Dunnygask Montana)

Our fourth Irish is 'Shannon', she is a 'Dunnygask', a very nice bitch who likes the company of other young dogs, Bracken was a bit too old to play with her for long.  However, she used to go to Ailsa Harvey's for her holidays and to stay over if Ailsa was taking her to a show and really loved running around with the other dogs there, it was this that convinced me to get another puppy, by way of a litter from Shannon.  Despite not enjoying showing now, Shannon did very well in the ring in the past. She gives the impression of being very aloof which really made her look good in the ring.

First Litter

Shannon had eleven pups on January 17th, 2000 to Clonageera Kieren. Seven dogs and four bitches, they have all turned out to be very nice, well behaved young dogs, all the new owners are so proud of their pup.  We have kept a bitch ourselves, Balnagown Bianca - "Sophie".  There are three others from the litter being shown  dogs Balnagown Barachello and Balnagown Backstreet Boy and a bitch Balnagown Britney.

Sophie (Balnagown Bianca)

Sophie is our first home bred Irish, she thoroughly enjoys showing and has done very well in the ring.  She was the youngest Irish Setter to gain a CC in 2001 and went Best in Show at Greenock Open Show in 2002.  Sophie was reserve Best Bitch at the Irish Setter Club of Scotland Open Show in September 2003 and was 3rd Mid Limit Bitch in the breed at Crufts 2002.  Due to a house move we have not been to many shows since last summer, but hopefully we will be back in the ring again soon - and in a few months with a new puppy as well.

Second Litter

Shannon had her second litter on 10 March 2003 to Shenanagin Shareholder. Four dogs and three bitches.  They are all making good progress and are now at the stage when they are starting to become more demanding of us humans.  We hope to keep a bitch from this litter to accompany Sophie to shows.  I think Sophie will enjoy having another young companion to play with.

Nikki (Balnagown Ballroom Blitz)

Nikki is the latest addition to the household, she is from Shannon's second litter and looks promising.  At present she is having a great time playing and fighting with Shannon and Sophie.  Sophie has been very good with all the pups.

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